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We mainly sell hand rolled beeswax candles made from 100% beeswax sheets. We do not add scents to any of our candles. All of our candles are carefully crafted by hand. Each candle is tightly rolled around a cotton wick and neatly finished to ensure the best burning characteristics. They are then packaged using minimal materials (all reusable and recyclable) to keep with our environmentally friendly concerns. Head to our more information pages for more extensive description about the properties of our candles and frequent asked questions.

We started our online business in 2008 although we have been selling beeswax candles on the market for quite a few years now. We hope to add all our products to the online catalogue very soon.

If you come to Cambridge (UK) you can find us on the All Saints Saturday Arts and Crafts Market in front of the Trinity College in Trinity Street and on the Cambridge Sunday Farmer's Market in Market Square. You are more than welcome to visit us!

If you need to contact us by phone please do so in the following number: 07882 962414