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Frequent Asked Questions

Does beeswax have a smell?

Yes and no. When beeswax is created by the honeybee, it is white and odorless. During storage in the honeycomb, the wax absorbs its fragrance and color from pollen, honey, and propolis (a brownish resinous material of waxy consistency collected by bees from the buds of trees and used as a cement). So each batch of wax collected will have a unique honey-like fragrance and color.

What is bloom?

Bloom is the dull "finish" or sometimes frosty-like "film" that appears on the surface of beeswax, usually when the wax is cold and exposed to air. It is the softer oils in the wax coming to the surface. It is not harmful or anything and may be removed by blowing warm air. Even though the bloom is easily removable, many people actually desire this effect as it tends to give the beeswax candle a unique and rustic look and feel.

Are you candles 100% natural?

Yes, all candles are 100% natural beeswax.

Do your wicks contain lead?

We use all natural 100% square-braided cotton wicking in all of our beeswax candles. It is important to note that some types of candles (mainly paraffin) will use wicking with a tin/zinc/metal core which is sometimes toxic.

Why is the wick so large in my beeswax pillar candle?

A square cotton wick usually works best for beeswax candles. Generally, they have to be about double the thickness of the wick that's used for paraffin candles of the same diameter. This produces the best flame to burn ratio, plus it allows the candle to burn down almost entirely and avoid tunneling.

Are all your candles handmade?

Absolutely! In fact if you want a candle size or design and cannot find it in our online store, please contact us (use the link available in the Information box in the top right). We can probably do it!

Do you add scents to your beeswax candles?

We do not add scents to any of our candles. Scents are man made and are generally full of nasty things.

Do you add colors to your beeswax candles?

Yes. The dyes are formulated with eco-friendly ingredients. They offer excellent color consistency and strength for crisp, clean and bright candles. The colored dye makes up a very small percentage of the overall beeswax candle, much less than 1/10th of 1%. The dyes do not contain hazardous solvents or additives (such as naphtha or naphthalene used in other dyes). The dyes are never tested on animals.

Why are my beeswax candles different colors or differently scented?

Because beeswax is a natural product, variation in color and scent is normal. These characteristics are dependent upon the plants honeybees collect pollen and nectar from.

What's the different between solid and honeycomb beeswax?

Mainly burn time and texture. A solid beeswax candle is created by pouring liquid wax into a mold. The result is a smooth, dense candle with extremely long burn times. Honeycomb beeswax candles are created by rolling honeycomb textured sheets. The honeycomb candle is less dense and burns a bit faster.

When will I receive my candles after I place the order?

We make the candles specially for our orders. We usually tell our customers to expect the candles about three to six days after they place the order. However in many times you will get the candles sooner. We will send you an email to update you when we send the candles to you. If you require the candles by a specific date please add that in your order comments.

10 reasons to choose beeswax instead of paraffin:

  1. Beeswax candles contain none of the harmful chemicals sometimes found in paraffin candles.
  2. Beeswax candles burn significantly longer than paraffin candles.
  3. Beeswax candles burn cleaner than paraffin candles, producing hardly any soot.
  4. Our beeswax taper candles are virtually dripless in normal draft free conditions.
  5. The light emitted by a beeswax candle is much stronger and brighter than that of a paraffin candle.
  6. Beeswax is a renewable resource!
  7. Beeswax candles can be burned around those with allergies or who are sensitive to strong chemical scents.
  8. Beeswax candles do not expire. Beeswax has been found in the pyramids virtually unchanged after 1000s of years.